The most important part of the Process Writing Assessment is reflecting on the student papers. The PWA offers a meaningful glimpse into what your students know and what they have learned through reflecting on their writing. What trends did you see in your students’ writing? How do you plan to address your students’ needs? Most importantly, how do you plan to help your students make sense of their scores and think about how to improve in writing?
Below are a variety of tools which were developed by the Writing Proficiency Project Team and OUSD teachers. Use these to collect data as you read your PWA papers, discuss your findings with colleagues, and help students to be metacognitive about their PWA results.
  Cycle of Inquiry Graphic     

  PWA Tally Sheet 
  PWA Tally Sheet Directions 
  A chart to help teachers keep track of areas where students need to improve in their writing while scoring PWA papers.   Directions for how to use PWA Tally Sheet

  Language and Conventions Continuum    L&C Continuum Protocol 
  A tool for looking at student writing for language and conventions. Helps teachers identify and keep track of what students understand and where they need help.   A Tool for discussing findings from the language and conventions continuum. Helps teachers identify needs and next steps for instruction.

  PWA Student Metacognitive Reflection     
  A lesson plan for returning scored PWA papers to students & helping them reflect.    

  Student PWA Reflection Sheet     
  A tool to help students reflect on their PWA essay.    

  Student Anchoring And Scoring Activity     
  An activity for helping students better understand the PWA rubric and scoring process.    

  Options for Creating PLCs Around Writing     
  Ideas for creating professional learning communities around writing within your school or with teachers and staff at other sites.    
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